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Geschäftsführung der B&L Real Estate GmbH, v.l.:

Bernhard Visker

Thorsten Testorp
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

With almost 190 projects implemented throughout Germany and in all almost all categories of property, we have gathered comprehensive know-how and spread this over companies, each with a different focus of expertise. In this way we offer our partners and clients short communication routes with their points of contact and the synergy of a strong group.

Constant demand for our products and services confirms our practice of always guaranteeing the optimum quality and speed of implementation.



  • Year founded: 1970

  • Employees: 175 / Trainees: 4

  • Projects implemented: 188


For us, sustainability is not a burden but a principle we have lived by for 50 years. As one of the largest emitters of global greenhouse gases, the entire real estate industry is obliged to live up to its responsibility for future generations. This can only be achieved by specifically promoting both the energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings and the socially and ecologically sustainable development of future-proof properties. We proactively develop all aspects of sustainability with a unit set up specifically for this purpose.


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Environmental protection certainly plays a decisive role in connection with ESG considerations. The central task for us with regard to new development as well as the refurbishment of existing buildings is to consider the property in its entire life cycle in order to take into account not only the energy demand with regard to construction, maintenance and deconstruction, but also the demand during operation. We are very proud to have already taken on a pioneering role with our landmark projects KII in Düsseldorf and the Hafenpark Quartier in Frankfurt.




1. climate change
Use of renewable energies in operations and construction. Photovoltaics on the roof and façade surfaces depending on the conditions of the building structure for solar and geothermal energy. Intelligent lighting control and LED use, recuperation of lifts, promotion of e-mobility.

2. adaptation to climate change
Transparency on site risks and their management.

3. water and marine resources
Storage and use of grey water (faecal-free, only slightly polluted waste water).

4. transition to a circular economy
Pursuing the C2C approach - Cradle to Cradle is an approach where products are designed from the beginning to be reused or composted later. Use of the onion principle, where individual building components can be renewed separately without having to demolish the entire building. Use of CO2-reduced concrete, aluminium and green steel (CO2-reduced steel produced with hydrogen instead of carbon). 

5. pollution prevention and control
Use of low/pollutant-free materials, avoidance of heavy metals and lead-containing materials.

6. protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.
Reduction of land sealing, reforestation and renaturation of replacement areas, creation of green facades and roof landscapes.


The health and well-being of our employees is a high priority for us. The compatibility of family and career is made possible through flexible working hours and home office.

For many years, the B&L Group has been active as a training company and supports young people in their entry into professional life.

As an equal opportunity employer, diversity in the workforce and the preferential recruitment of women with the same qualifications is supported.

In order to increase the health awareness of employees, the B&L Group also organises information events such as a health day.


In order to harmonise the company's values with the legal and social framework, the B&L Group has created an integrated, company-wide compliance code that is binding for employees, business partners and subcontractors. A guideline for sustainable management and the sensitive treatment of the environment has also been drawn up.




The B&L Group is a member of the ECORE (ESG Circle of Real Estate) initiative, which has set itself the task of creating transparency about sustainability in the real estate industry. For this purpose, a comprehensive scoring system was developed with the involvement of many well-known industry players.


In Frankfurt's Ostend district, the B&L Group is developing the Hafenpark Quartier, consisting of condominiums, hotels and offices. Both office complexes are already LEED Platinum pre-certified and consistently follow the cradle-to-cradle approach.


In the heart of Düsseldorf, the B&L Group built the high-street property "KII" together with the Centrum Group. The striking beech hedge that surrounds the building not only binds C02, but also acts as natural insulation. The project was subsequently not only awarded the highest DGNB Platinum certificate in its class to date, but also received the DGNB Diamond certification for its high design and architectural quality.


In addition to the development of new, innovative projects, our heart also beats for the sustainable preservation of listed buildings. In Weimar, we built a luxurious boutique hotel based on the remains of a listed façade from 1897, which carefully combines the old building fabric with modern architecture. We also participated in the renovation of the two historic harbour cranes at Hamburg's oldest remaining harbour basin - an industrial monument and landmark for the Holzhafen district.


The world of work is undergoing fundamental change. From flexibility in terms of work location and time to the way we communicate and collaborate within the office space and beyond. In our landmark project HPQ Offices, we will integrate all aspects of a future-proof office. This includes the division of the premises into meeting zones, optimal lighting and oxygen control, and even deliberately placed elements to promote physical and mental fitness.


For many years, the B&L Group has supported the "Haus Mignon e.V." association, which is dedicated to supporting children whose development is impaired due to premature birth, illness, disability or traumatic experiences in several facilities.



If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact
Niklas Konrad
ESG Manager of the B&L Group


Die Gründer der B&L Gruppe, v.l.:

Albert H. K. Büll

Dr. Cornelius Liedtke


On 26 October, Albert H. K. Büll and Dr. Cornelius Liedtke founded the “Büll & Dr. Liedtke KG”. The business purpose was and still is: investments in property and stakes in companies. The first office was in Wagnerstraße 2 in Hamburg. .


Completion of the Mundsburg multi-storey buildings in Hamburg, which were developed by Albert H. K. Büll and partners.


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1977 - 1988

Development and completion of various builders’ models in Hamburg and on the Baltic Sea.


Completion of the office and commercial building “Kajen 12” in Hamburg. It was the headquarters of the company until 2003.


Opening of the “Quarree Wandsbek Markt” shopping centre in Wandsbek.


Opening of the musical theatre “Neue Flora” in Hamburg with the musical: “Phantom of the Opera”.


Completion of the Kempinski Plaza in Berlin.


Opening of the “Mercado Shopping Centre Altona-Ottensen” with a market hall of over 1,000 m² on the ground floor and an interior architecture that was loosely based on style elements of the old Ottensen industrial site.


Completion of “Rosmarin Karree” in Berlin.


Founding of “B&L Immobilien”.

Expansion of the “Wandsbek Markt” shopping centre in Hamburg by a multiplex cinema (Cinemaxx).


Start of construction at Holzhafen.


Opening of the LAGO Konstanz shopping centre.

Opening of the PHOENIX CENTER shopping centre, Hamburg-Harburg.

Relocation of the company headquarters from Kajen to Holzhafen, Große Elbstraße 45-47.


Sale of DGAG with all divisions to Pirelli RE (today, Prelios). With the company shares held by the Büll and Liedke families, B&L Group remains an independent group of companies.


Acquisition of the projects in Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln (revitalisation of a Hertie department store); in Bahnhofstraße in Berlin-Köpenick (new construction of a commercial building); Spitalgasse in Coburg (revitalisation and construction of a high street property).


Completion of the high street property Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln.

High street properties in Munich and Pforzheim completed.


High street properties in Berlin-Köpenick, Coburg and Dortmund are completed. Likewise, the Dorint Hotel in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Completion of the “Kristall” multi-storey building in the Holzhafen quarter in Hamburg, with 37 residential units.


Completion of the hotel building at Hamburger Messe Dammtor, which is operated by Steigenberger Hotels AG.

Increase in staff in the Project Development, Property Management and Centre Management divisions.

Taking over the property management of Kröpcke Center Hannover and the centre management of the FÜNF HÖFE quarter in Munich.


Opening of the IntercityHotel in Braunschweig.

Taking over the property management and centre management for the “DAS ES” shopping centre in Esslingen for Union Invest.

Start of construction for the OASIS Berlin residential quarter and beginning of the project in Berlin-Friedrichshain.


Laying the foundation stone for the offices and commercial buildings including the IntercityHotel Hamburg Barmbek and rental apartments in the Hafenpark Quartier, Frankfurt.

Topping out ceremony at OASIS, Berlin Mitte and at Wasserkunst, Lübeck

Extension of the mandate of the owners, Union Investment, by 33 existing properties across Germanybr />


Laying of the foundation stone for the 2nd and 3rd construction phase in Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt.

B&L and the travel and lifestyle group Accor become partners in Überseequartier Hamburg. Together, the Accor hotel brands Pullmann, Novotel and ibis-Styles with a total of around 830 rooms will be operated by a developer after completion.

Thomas Junkersfeld becomes Managing Director of B&L Property Management GmbH - together with Thorsten Bremer.

Bernhard Visker joins the management team at B&L Real Estate.

Sale of the residential ensemble "Max&Sophie" in the Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt to Generali Real Estate.

Sale of the commercial building FUHLE 101 to Hamburg Team.


B&L Property Management takes over the Manat for the Besenbinderhof in Hamburg.

IntercityHotel opens in the historic Dortberghaus in Dortmund.

Opening of Hotel Schillerhof in Weimar with 102 guest rooms.

B&L Group is now a Core Member.

Best of:best: HPQ LIVING and SCANDIC Hotel wins Iconic Award in the category Architecture Domestic.

KII in Düsseldorf is certified DGNB Platinum for its sustainability with the highest rating ever achieved in the field of newly built commercial buildings.

Topping-out ceremony for the hotel and commercial building in Saarbrücken.

With the Christmas campaign Wish Trees, B&L Group employees donate in aid of needy children and pets.

B&L Group currently employs 163 people and 4 trainees.


Planning of the “Winterhuder Fährhaus” quarter in Hamburg, with a theatre, offices and several residential houses.


Beginning of the development of shopping centres; acquisition and conversion of the “Horten” department store in Wandsbek.


Opening of the comedy theatre at “Winterhuder Fährhaus” and completion of the quarter.


Onset of the demolition work of the Hertie department store in Hamburg-Ottensen with the goal of building the “Ottensen Quarree” shopping centre there. Owing to the debate about the former Jewish cemetery on the grounds, construction was delayed for around 2 years; finally, a compromise was found that resulted in a completely new design. Thus the plans for today’s “Mercado Shopping Centre Altona-Ottensen” evolved.


Opening of “Forum City Mülheim”: Shopping centre with cinema and Clipper hotel.

Opening of the “Hanse Clipper Haus” on Schaarmarkt/Ditmar-Koel-Straße in Hamburg as the first Clipper boarding house.

Completion of the projects: “Holsten-Haus” on Holstenplatz, Gänsemarkt 35, Große Bäckerstraße, Brodschrangen/Neß and many more.


Completion of the 80,000 sqm World-Trade-Center Dresden with the Hotel Elbflorenz Dresden..

Completion and opening of the “Harburg Carrée” residential and commercial building and the “Cinemaxx Harburg” multiplex cinema.


November: Acquisition of the majority stake in “VBS AG Vogtländische Bauwollspinnerei” with the goal of converting it into “B&L Immobilien AG”.


Acquisition of 49.9% of LEG (Landentwicklungsgesellschaft, Land Development Society) Schleswig-Holstein in conjunction with Hamburgische Landesbank (alias HSH Nordbank - today Hamburg Commercial Bank).


100% privatisation and change of name of LEG Schleswig-Holstein to “DGAG Deutsche Grundvermögen AG”.


Completion of the “Bahnhof Altona Shopping” shopping centre.


Thorsten Testorp becomes partner in B&L Group. Re-establishment of the Property Management and Project Development divisions with a strong focus on high street properties.


Completion of various high street properties in Hamburg (Ottensener Hauptstraße/Hahnenkamp), Nuremberg (Karolinenstraße) and in Konstanz (Bodanstraße, Rosgartenstrase), among others.

Acquisition of the Honsell triangle in Frankfurt in the immediate vicinity of the new premises of the European Central Bank.


Completion of the Schusterstraße high street property in Mainz.


Expansion of the service range in the field of property management; intensified acquisition of third-party mandates.

Completion of the Holzhafen West office property in Hamburg.

High street properties in Erlangen and the IntercityHotel in Leipzig are completed and sold.


Completion of the multi-tenant building “Holzhafen Terrassen” in Hamburg and a high street property in Lübeck. Opening of the Hamburg Dammtor IntercityHotel.


Opening of the IntercityHotel in Duisburg.

Start of construction for the “Hafenpark Quartier” rental apartments in Frankfurt and for the “Die Wasserkunst” residential quarter in Lübeck.


Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt: Barkow Leibinger from Berlin wins architectural competition for the redevelopment of the Molenspitze in Frankfurt's Ostend district.

Sale of the Böhmische Viertel project in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to Pandion AG.

Extraordinary ceremony with laying of the foundation stone and topping-out ceremony for the business and office building ensemble Kö-Bogen II in Schadowstraße in Düsseldorf city centre.

Topping-out ceremony for the projects: Apartments for rent in Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Baufeld Ost, Fuhle 101 - office and commercial building with IntercityHotel in Hamburg Barmbek and IntercityHotel Hildesheim.

Construction started for: Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Baufeld Süd - consisting of condominiums and the Scandic Conference Hotel and in Weimar with the Clipper boutique hotel.

Opening of the new B&L project office in Frankfurt am Main.


KII in Düsseldorf wins the Immobilienmanager-Award 2021 in the category project development new building.

Bernhard Visker joins the management team of the B&L Group.

Hungary's first InterCity Hotel opens in Budapest.

Topping-out ceremony for the HPQ Scandic Hotel and the HPQ Living condominiums.

Acquisition of the Besenbinderhof office ensemble on Norderstraße in Hamburg's city centre.

Successful trade fair appearance at Expo Real Munich after a break due to the pandemic.

B&L Group currently employs 152 staff and 2 trainees.

In its first year of participation, B&L Property Management GmbH directly achieved first place in the Bell Property Management Report 2021 in the asset class "small office".

B&L Group is now a Member of the ECORE - ESG Circle of Real Estate initiative.