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B&L Real Estate GmbH
Große Elbstraße 47
22767 Hamburg
+49 40 37660-100

Commercial Registry no. 39 840
VAT No.: DE118531561

Headquarters and Registry Court Hamburg

Managing Directors:Thorsten Testorp, Bernhard Visker, Dr. Timo Haenelt

Legal notes

1. Content of the online offer

B&L Real Estate GmbH (short: The B&L Group) accepts no liability for the up-to-datedness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. All liability claims against B&L Group related to material or immaterial damages caused by the use or non-use of the information provided, or by the use of erroneous or incomplete information, is excluded in principle, unless intentional culpability on the part of Curtius Lütten can be proven. In this context, B&L Group draws attention to the fact that some of the details are based on reports and information from third parties. Furthermore, the content does not represent a contractual offer. B&L Group reserves the express right to change, amend, or delete parts of the Web site or entire offers without notice, or to temporarily or permanently suspend their publication.

2. References and links

In the case of direct or indirect references to third-party Web sites (“links”) that lie outside the area of responsibility of the B&L Group, liability is excluded, unless the B&L Group is aware of the unlawfulness of the content and it is technically possible and reasonable for it to prevent usage. Therefore, B&L Group declares explicitly that it did not have any information about any unlawful content on the linked sites. B&L Group has no influence whatever on the current and future design, or on the content of linked sites that have been changed after the links were set, and also does not check the content of these sites. This statement also applies to all links and references to third parties within our own internet presence, and to third-party contributions in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by the author. Liability for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and in particular for damages resulting from the use or non-use of information presented in such manner, is borne solely by the provider of the linked website, and not by the person who merely refers to the respective publication by means of a link.

3. Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer must be regarded as part of the Internet offer from which reference was made to this site. If parts or individual formulations of this text do not, no longer, or not completely correspond with the valid legal situation, this does not affect the remaining parts of the documents in terms of content and validity.

4. Copyright and trademark law

In all publications, the author endeavours to observe copyright laws for the graphics, animations, photos and texts used; to use his own graphics, animations, photos and texts; or to avail himself of license-free graphics, animations, photos and texts. All brand and trademarks named in this internet offer, including those protected by third-party rights, are subject unrestrictedly to the provisions of the relevant valid trademark law and the ownership rights of the respective registered owner. Their mere naming does not lead to the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights!

5. Notice pursuant to Section 36.1 Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz (VSBG, Consumer Dispute Resolution Act):

In the case of disputes with consumers we are neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer mediation officer.



Hans-Jürgen Darlison (property photos)

H. G. Esch (company headquarters and Holzhafen)

Oliver Heissner (company headquarters and Holzhafen)

Annegret Hultsch (Portraits Geschäftsführung)

Marco Moog (portraits and property photos)

Andreas Vallbracht (Holzhafen and Clipper)

In addition, the B&L Group wishes to thank the following people/companies for the presentation of our real estate projects:

photos: (Aerial photo Düsseldorf)
Jens Ehrlich (Frankfurt)
Dieter Fehrenz (Luftbild Frankfurt)
Jana Kay (Dortmund)
Centrum, Carola Kohler (Düsseldorf)
Carola Kohler (Leipzig)
Oliver Krautscheid (dronen fotos HPQ)
Martin Leissl (HPQ building status)
Stefan Marquardt (HPQ Showroom)
Arne Mayntz (Fuhle 101 Hamburg)
Verena Meier (Weimar)
Jonas Miller (Erlangen)
Kozy Studio Berlin (HPQ Show-Apartment) (Phoenix Center Harburg)
Andreas Schmidt-Wiethoff (Holzhafen)
Christian Schorn (ICH Budapest)
Ralf Schulte-Ladbeck (Dortmund)
Steigenberger Hotels AG (Hotels Braunschweig, Duisburg, Hildesheim)
Jean-Luc Valentin (Frankfurt)
Iris Weise-Rosch (HPQ start page)
Jennifer Weyland (Saarbrücken, top roof ceremony)
WTC Dresden (Dresden)

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH (Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt rented apartments)
A-SL Baumanagement & Co. KG (Dortmund)
Bieling Architekten (Fuhle, Hamburg)
B. C. Horwarth (Hafenpark Quartier birdview)
Cadman (Büro Frankfurt)
EVE Images (OASIS Berlin, Die Wasserkunst Lübeck)
Hadi Teherani Architects GmbH (Hotel, Frankfurt)
Ingenhoven architects (Düsseldorf)
Kunst + Herbert Büro für Forschung und Hausbau (Saarbrücken)
KPW & bloomimages (BesenbinderQuartier, Hamburg)
moka-studio (Überseequartier Hamburg)
Panopticon (Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt Scandic hotel)
Planungsgemeinschaft Friedrichshain Höfe (Böhmisches Viertel Berlin)
prasch buken partner archititects (Heidelberg, Weimar)
XOIO (Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt, condominiums, office campus, Waterfront hotels, Besenbinderhof Hamburg)

Mandatory information according to Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council:
Link to the homepage of the European Commission's online dispute resolution service for consumer disputes:
Further information is available there. We would like to point out that we do not participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board and are not obliged to do so.

text and art design:
Strandweg 51
22587 Hamburg


realization and programming:
Superscreen GmbH
Hoheluftchaussee 95
20253 Hamburg