The B&L Group has been successfully involved in the development of, investment in and management of high-quality real estate for 50 years. As a specialist in office, residential and shop properties and in specialist properties such as hotels, boarding houses and multi-storey car parks, the B&L Group is one of the first ports of call throughout Germany for owners, investors and tenants.


MAY 26, 23


Last weekend, the art project "Hortusurbis" by FÜNF HÖFE the art project "Hortusurbis" by Martin Blumöhr started. As part of the Flower Power Festival Munich, the Munich artist lets an enchanted city garden blossom in live painting actions on large canvases.


In May and June, he will be painting live on the FÜNF HÖFE plaza for twelve days. This is a great opportunity to watch the artist at work, engage in conversation with him and perhaps even contribute ideas for the work. Martin Blumöhr creates art projects as urban wild growth - in public places and in various institutions. His large-format, detailed murals from the "Public Viewing" series can be found almost everywhere in Munich: on motorways, in tunnels, on walls and house facades.
Foto: Union Investment

APRIL 17, 23


On 15 April 2023, the world's first relocation of a LoftCube pavilion took place with an SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter). This extraordinary action started early in the morning on 14 April 2023 with the preparations for the transport in cooperation with the special companies Allgaier and Eisele.


The SPMT was delivered, the transport route to the new location was paved and laid out with steel plates so that the 66 tonnes could be moved without complications. The Cube was hydraulically lifted to an underride height of 1.60 m so that the transporter could carefully and slowly drive underneath - with only 1 cm clearance above the load distribution steel beams - and was then secured with steel chains. The next day, the actual move took place.  Our photographer Stefan Marquardt and video specialist Kilian Rosini were on site with the drone to capture the most exciting moments. Around 10:00 a.m. the convoy started to move. Twelve individually and automatically controlled axles easily compensated for any unevenness on the transport route. Two hours later, the LoftCube stood undamaged at its new location. The world's first relocation of a LoftCube with an SPMT was a complete success.
Photo: Stefan Marquardt

APRIL 01, 23


B&L Property Management GmbH adjusted its organisational structure on 1 April and established a new management level.


In addition to Managing Director Thomas Junkersfeld, there is now a further management level. This is staffed by the three authorised signatories Michael Füss, Head of Commercial Property Management, André Kohlhoff, Head of Technology, and Sandra-Yvonne Busch, who is taking over as Head of Key Account. B&L Property Management GmbH is thus reacting to the company's growth in third-party business in recent years.
Photo: Annegret Hultsch