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JANUARY 27, 23

Flower Power in the FÜNF HÖFE

To mark the start of the Flower Power Festival Munich and coincide with the opening of the exhibition Flowers Forever at the Kunsthalle München, the Munich artist Fabian Gatermann will be a guest at the FÜNF HÖFEN for four weeks with his paper installation FLOWERS.


His installation can be seen above the Plaza in the Hanging Gardens from 03.02. to 05.03.2023.
Foto: Fabian Gatermann

JANUARY 19, 23

Ground preparations for HPQ Offices

Preparatory work for the start of construction of the HPQ Offices is underway at Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt.


Currently, the north construction site is being cleared and grid field sampling is already being carried out to determine the degree of possible contamination on the site. Following the soundings, work on the excavation pit is scheduled to begin in March.

JANUARY 03, 23

New leaseholder for the parking garage Holzhafen West

The lease agreement with Apcoa GmbH for our parking garage in Holzhafen West ended on 31 December 2022.


 We were able to win Alpha Parking GmbH from Itzehoe as the new tenant for the parking areas in Holzhafen.