Geschäftsführung der B&L Real Estate GmbH, v.l.:

Dirk Heidkämper

Thorsten Testorp
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

With over 180 projects implemented throughout Germany and in all almost all categories of property, we have gathered comprehensive know-how and spread this over companies, each with a different focus of expertise. In this way we offer our partners and clients short communication routes with their points of contact and the synergy of a strong group.

Constant demand for our products and services confirms our practice of always guaranteeing the optimum quality and speed of implementation.



Facts & Figures


Die Gründer der B&L Gruppe, v.l.:

Albert H. K. Büll

Dr. Cornelius Liedtke


On 26 October, Albert H. K. Büll and Dr. Cornelius Liedtke founded the “Büll & Dr. Liedtke KG”. The business purpose was and still is: investments in property and stakes in companies. The first office was in Wagnerstraße 2 in Hamburg. .


Completion of the Mundsburg multi-storey buildings in Hamburg, which were developed by Albert H. K. Büll and partners.



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1977 - 1988

Development and completion of various builders’ models in Hamburg and on the Baltic Sea.


Completion of the office and commercial building “Kajen 12” in Hamburg. It was the headquarters of the company until 2003.


Opening of the “Quarree Wandsbek Markt” shopping centre in Wandsbek.


Opening of the musical theatre “Neue Flora” in Hamburg with the musical: “Phantom of the Opera”.


Completion of the Kempinski Plaza in Berlin.


Opening of the “Mercado Shopping Centre Altona-Ottensen” with a market hall of over 1,000 m² on the ground floor and an interior architecture that was loosely based on style elements of the old Ottensen industrial site.


Completion of “Rosmarin Karree” in Berlin.


Founding of “B&L Immobilien”.

Expansion of the “Wandsbek Markt” shopping centre in Hamburg by a multiplex cinema (Cinemaxx).


Start of construction at Holzhafen.


Opening of the LAGO Konstanz shopping centre.

Opening of the PHOENIX CENTER shopping centre, Hamburg-Harburg.

Relocation of the company headquarters from Kajen to Holzhafen.


Sale of DGAG with all divisions to Pirelli RE (today, Prelios). With the company shares held by the Büll and Liedke families, B&L Group remains an independent group of companies.


Acquisition of the projects in Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln (revitalisation of a Hertie department store); in Bahnhofstraße in Berlin-Köpenick (new construction of a commercial building); Spitalgasse in Coburg (revitalisation and construction of a high street property).


Completion of the high street property Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln.

High street properties in Munich and Pforzheim completed.


High street properties in Berlin-Köpenick, Coburg and Dortmund are completed. Likewise, the Dorint Hotel in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Completion of the “Kristall” multi-storey building in the Holzhafen quarter in Hamburg, with 37 residential units.

Sale of the Karl-Marx-Straße project in Berlin.


Completion of the hotel building at Hamburger Messe Dammtor, which is operated by Steigenberger Hotels AG.

Increase in staff in the Project Development, Property Management and Centre Management divisions.

Taking over the property management of Kröpcke Center Hannover and the centre management of the FÜNF HÖFE quarter in Munich.


Opening of the IntercityHotel in Braunschweig.

Taking over the property management and centre management for the “DAS ES” shopping centre in Esslingen for Union Invest.

Start of construction for the OASIS Berlin residential quarter and beginning of the project in Berlin-Friedrichshain.


Laying the foundation stone for the offices and commercial buildings including the IntercityHotel Hamburg Barmbek and rental apartments in the Hafenpark Quartier, Frankfurt.

Topping out ceremony at OASIS, Berlin Mitte and at Wasserkunst, Lübeck

Extension of the mandate of the owners, Union Investment, by 33 existing properties across Germanybr />
At that time the B&L Gruppe had 100 employees and 3 trainees.


Planning of the “Winterhuder Fährhaus” quarter in Hamburg, with a theatre, offices and several residential houses.


Beginning of the development of shopping centres; acquisition and conversion of the “Horten” department store in Wandsbek.


Opening of the comedy theatre at “Winterhuder Fährhaus” and completion of the quarter.


Onset of the demolition work of the Hertie department store in Hamburg-Ottensen with the goal of building the “Ottensen Quarree” shopping centre there. Owing to the debate about the former Jewish cemetery on the grounds, construction was delayed for around 2 years; finally, a compromise was found that resulted in a completely new design. Thus the plans for today’s “Mercado Shopping Centre Altona-Ottensen” evolved.


Opening of “Forum City Mülheim”: Shopping centre with cinema and Clipper hotel.

Opening of the “Hanse Clipper Haus” on Schaarmarkt/Ditmar-Koel-Straße in Hamburg as the first Clipper boarding house.

Completion of the projects: “Holsten-Haus” on Holstenplatz, Gänsemarkt 35, Große Bäckerstraße, Brodschrangen/Neß and many more.


Completion of the World Trade Center of Dresden and the opening of Hotel Elbflorenz Dresden.

Completion and opening of the “Harburg Carrée” residential and commercial building and the “Cinemaxx Harburg” multiplex cinema.


November: Acquisition of the majority stake in “VBS AG Vogtländische Bauwollspinnerei” with the goal of converting it into “B&L Immobilien AG”.


Acquisition of 49.9% of LEG (Landentwicklungsgesellschaft, Land Development Society) Schleswig-Holstein in conjunction with Hamburgische Landesbank (today: HSH Nordbank).


100% privatisation and change of name of LEG Schleswig-Holstein to “DGAG Deutsche Grundvermögen AG”.


Completion of the “Bahnhof Altona Shopping” shopping centre.


Thorsten Testorp becomes partner in B&L Group. Re-establishment of the Property Management and Project Development divisions with a strong focus on high street properties.


Completion of various high street properties in Hamburg (Ottensener Hauptstraße/Hahnenkamp), Nuremberg (Karolinenstraße) and in Konstanz (Bodanstraße, Rosgartenstrase), among others.

Acquisition of the Honsell triangle in Frankfurt in the immediate vicinity of the new premises of the European Central Bank.


Completion of the Schusterstraße high street property in Mainz.


Expansion of the service range in the field of property management; intensified acquisition of third-party mandates.

Completion of the Holzhafen West office property in Hamburg.

High street properties in Erlangen and the IntercityHotel in Leipzig are completed and sold.


Completion of the multi-tenant building “Holzhafen Terrassen” in Hamburg and a high street property in Lübeck. Opening of the Hamburg Dammtor IntercityHotel.


Opening of the IntercityHotel in Duisburg.

Start of construction for the “Hafenpark Quartier” rental apartments in Frankfurt and for the “Die Wasserkunst” residential quarter in Lübeck.

B&L Group currently has 80 employees and 2 trainees.