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22765 Hamburg-Ottensen

The beating heart of the popular Ottensen district of Hamburg lies to the west of Altona Railway Station. Contemporary architecture, a wide range of services and a high level of approval by the residents characterise this pulsating retail location. This is the result of about two decades of far-sighted urban quarter development by B&L Group. What started as the innovative market concept for the MERCADO shopping centre in 1995 was completed successfully in 2012 with the opening of the commercial buildings on the site of the former Bismarck Baths. Besides the project development of the buildings, B&L Group has made a valuable contribution to the location with integrated urban quarter management . The “Altonale”, for example, co-founded by us is one of the biggest and most popular city festivals in Hamburg today.


  • Shopping centre: Mercado

  • Shopping: Altona Station

  • Apartment block: Große Rainstraße

  • Commercial building: Ottenser Hauptstraße 2

  • Commercial building: Ottenser Hauptstaße 17

  • Commercial building: Bahrenfelder Straße

  • Commercial building: Hahnenkamp 1