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Excavation pit for ANQR completed

ARGE Baugrube (Keller Grundbau & Erdbau Kern) has successfully completed the excavation pit for the two ANQR office buildings on the north construction site at HPQ Frankfurt.

Over 100,000 m³ of earth was removed and disposed of professionally. An impressive amount of concrete was also used, including 5,600 cubic metres in the shoring, 1,800 cubic metres in the foundation and 2,000 cubic metres in the clean layer. A total of 9,400 m³ of concrete has already been used in our project. During the construction period of one year and four months, an average of 39 lorries per day were used for material removal and four lorries per day for concrete delivery. The target of a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions in the production of the construction pit was successfully achieved. This was achieved by continuously optimising the production process in terms of technical and logistical details, such as the use of low-CO2 cements and the optimisation of transport routes and vehicles. Our goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process by half will remain a key project objective in the future.
Photo: Stefan Marquardt